At this stage, the services focus in site identification and in its preliminary evaluation, from different technical points of view.

Wind and Solar Resource mapping

Preliminary mapping of an area under analysis, characterizing the distribution of the resource over the area, whether the wind speed or solar radiation, making use of public databases or virtual data series.

Preliminary site assessment

Primary assessment of the site potential, considering energy resource, accessibility, grid connection, as well as land, environmental or other restrictions. Planning of measurement campaigns and project development recommendations.

Accessibilities evaluation

First assessment of the accessibility and site characteristics, whilst regarding the equipment transportation and construction.

Grid connection analysis

Preliminary evaluation of the grid connection possibilities, including distance and feasibility.

Environmental constraints assessment

Preliminary evaluation of possible environmental constraints, mapping of exclusion zones and project development recommendations.

Preliminary energy assessment

Preceding layout definition and assessment of the annual energy production, while using public databases or virtual data series.

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