During project operation, these services support the search for performance optimization, re-analysis, inspections or life extension.

Technical Due Diligence

For re-financing or project transaction purposes, all the main project risks are analysed and scrutinized, in order to support the financing or acquisition decision. The main risks, normally considered during the operation phase, are the resource, technological, as well as operational risk. Should environmental mitigation plans be in course, its conclusions and possible future impacts must also be analysed. The operational status of the equipment may be relevant, thus being adequate to proceed with inspections and/or life extension analysis, in order to evaluate its durability and maintenance needs.

Environmental monitoring and mitigation plans

Conducting environmental mitigation plans and monitoring of impacts, according to the environmental authorizations.

End of Warranty and end of O&M contract inspections

Verification of wind turbine status, in order to enable time to claim any need intervention before warranty or contract ends, in favor of avoiding significant problems in the future.

Lifelines installation and certification

Installation of security lifelines in met masts, as well as existing lifelines inspection and certification, both in met masts and on wind turbines.

Turbine and component inspections

Wind turbine and its components (gearbox, generator, blades) inspection in several stages: installation, end of warranty or for life extension purposes.

Independent operation

Taking care of plant operation, by acting as an intermediate between the Owner and Maintenance Team. This includes specialized and fully dedicated control of all the operation details, with the purpose of maximizing the energy production.

Met mast installation and operation

MEGAJOULE takes care of the measurement campaigns on Client’s behalf, including planning, finding the best local suppliers, the adequate instrumentation, as well as assuring its compliance with the industry best practices. During the measurement period, however, maintenance, corrections and instruments replacement may be assured by the team.

Energy production re-analysis

Fine tuning of the long term annual energy production estimates using the effective results of first years production, while enabling a more accurate estimate and a decrease in uncertainty. This improvement allows an improvement of financing conditions or detecting the need for actions with the purpose of optimizing the performance.

Performance and fault/root cause analysis

Identification of the reason of an occurred failure, for insurance purpose and to enable preventive action, if needed, in the other equipment.

Life extension analysis

Estimation of the wind turbines lifetime and determination of possible mitigation plans capable of extending its life. This analysis is very relevant for decision making regarding re-powering, as well as maintaining wind farm operation after its predicted operation life.