At this stage, the services intend to support project development, with multi-disciplinary competencies, in order to achieve a solid and feasible project.

Planning and supervision of measurement campaigns

MEGAJOULE advises in the adequate specification of a measurement campaign. However, it is including type of met masts, instrumentation, number of met masts and its most suitable location. During the measuring campaign, MEGAJOULE monitors and check the collected data for errors/inconsistencies and regularly reports the results after data validation.

Data analysis, validation and reporting

During the measurement period, MEGAJOULE collects the data and controls the correct operation of the measuring system. Also, assures the necessary repairs or replacements. The data is checked for failures/inconsistencies and the main measurement results regularly reported to Client.

Energy and site assessment

The annual energy production of a wind or solar project is calculated based on the local measurements and in the long term resource, terrain characteristics and as well as resource distribution modelling. The energy production is calculated using state-of-art modelling tools. However, the wind turbines suitability to the specific site conditions is assessed by estimating the extreme wind regime parameters and contrasting them with wind turbines certification (IEC wind class).

Basic and main/detailed design – Civil and Electrical

Including roads and turbine erection platforms, as well as civil works for cables and foundations.

Met mast and instrument supply, installation and maintenance

MEGAJOULE takes care of the measurement campaigns on Client’s behalf. In other words, planning and finding the best local suppliers, the adequate instrumentation and assuring its compliance with the industry best practices. Additionally, during the measurement period, maintenance, corrections and instruments replacement may be assured by the team.

Noise impact / Shadow Flicker / Visual Impact

Estimation of wind farm noise levels and verification of limits compliance for specific critical points. Verification of the occurrence of shadow flicker effect caused by the wind farm in critical points. Visualization consists in the estimation of the Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV or Zone of Visual Influence – ZVI). Specifically, it is illustrating the potential (or theoretical) visibility of a wind turbine from a given observer point in the landscape. Also, construction of a visual representation of the project on a landscape photo (photomontage) to give a realistic visual impression of the wind farm.

Environmental and Biodiversity studies

Environmental impact assessment, support to development consultancy, pre-construction monitoring and also mitigation plan definition.

Grid connection studies

Substation and internal electrical lines design.


Taking into account the resource distribution, as well as technical or other constraints, the wind turbines or solar modules position to assure the project requirements and maximize the energy production.