MEGAJOULE in Argentina

MEGAJOULE and ENERGICA are joining efforts to provide state of the art wind and solar resource consultancy for the Argentinian market.ENERGICA will be the local representative of MEGAJOULE and will provide the market knowledge and local expertise, as well as assuring a close support to the clients and their projects.According to Gisele Battaiotto, ENERGICA’s CO-Founder, “the Argentinian wind and solar energy market has a huge potential and we feel this is the moment to offer new solutions to project developers, investor and financing institutions.”

MEGAJOULE will bring to Argentina its global presence and the collaboration of an experienced and innovative team, used to work in projects around the world.Miguel Ferreira, MEGAJOULE CEO, thinks that “starting a local venture in Argentina, in collaboration with a valuable local partner, is a major step for MEGAJOULE to extend its global presence. All of us in MEGAJOULE are very excited and expecting to reply in Argentina the success we had in other regions”.

Miguel Ferreira with colleague from ENERGICA

MEGAJOULE is an independent wind and solar resource assessment consultancy,that participated in projects in more than 30 countries around the world. MEGAJOULE has its headquarters in Portugal and local offices in Brazil, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and India.ENERGICA is a consulting Company that provides technical and environmental services to the renewable energy industry at all stages. ENERGICA started as an initiative of specialized professionals in energy and environment fields, seeking the synergy of both professions in pursuit of providing our customers and society sustainable energy solutions.